• Yooz allows you to process all types of invoices with or w/o PO without distinction.

  • Your PO invoices are automatically detected by Yooz via the order number.

  • Yooz automatically uploads the PO created in your ERP, without manual intervention.

  • In the blink of an eye, you can compare your invoices with the lines of your order, manage any discrepancies if necessary, and post your invoice.

  • Yooz will be able to automatically export the list of invoices thus reconciled with orders in your ERP, accounting software, etc.

Detailed functional overview

Step 1: upload of the list of PO in Yooz

  • This list comes from your ERP and feeds Yooz periodically.

  • It contains all the information relating to orders: supplier identifier, order number, total amount, line number, article code, description, quantities, unit price, etc.

Step 2: OCR analysis and invoice verification in Yooz

  • Yooz automatically identifies the supplier, recognizes the order number and all the header and footer data.

  • Via the order number, Yooz matches the invoice with the lines of the corresponding order (received but not invoiced). So, for invoices with PO, Yooz will display this content in the verification screen.

Step 3: verifying invoices

  • Yooz compares the total amount of the lines of the invoice with the amount of the order and indicates any discrepancies.

  • If the total amount detected on the invoice matches the amount of the order, the invoice can be posted and the order cleared.

  • If there is a discrepancy, the user compares the order lines with the data actually present on the invoice to determine the cause.

  • The user then makes the necessary changes to process the invoice: correction of price and / or quantity differences, deletion of order lines that do not appear on the invoice. He adds dimension to the invoice for accounting purposes if these dimensions have not been previously pre-allocated in the ERP.

  • In the event of a change in the unit price or in a quantity, the invoice may be put on hold in Yooz for dispute management or recorded for dispute management in the ERP.

Step 4: export from Yooz to ERP and accounting software

  • Yooz exports all invoices to ERP or accounting software.

  • File formats and their content may differ depending on the type of invoice. Several formats can then be exported.

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