On Demand (SaaS) mode allows you to access the Yooz Rising application anywhere in the world with a simple Internet connection. For optimal use, please see the technical requirements below.

Technical prerequisites: configuration required to use the Yooz solution


  • Java version 8 (or higher) recommended for the Yooz communication agent.


  • Screen resolution from 1024 x 768

  • Optimized display from 1280 x 1024

Internet connection

  • Adsl type connection 1 Mbps / 512 Kbps

Supported file formats

  • Bmp, doc, docx, gif, htm, html, jpeg, jpg, mht, mhtml, ods, odt, pdf, png, tif, tiff, txt, xls, xlsx, xml.

  • Black & white (binary), greyscale, colors.

  • Image resolution: 300 dpi.

Up-to-date versions of:

Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Opera, Safari.

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