The documents recorded are those integrated between the first and the last day of your billing period (month, quarter, year, etc.) and not deleted during this same period.

The counter is a freeze frame of your integrated documents which have not been deleted before the end of the period.

Here is an example over a period of one month:
Your users have integrated 100 documents between January 1st and January 31st. They deleted 10 during the month. On January 31, Yooz will count 90 documents on this application. The month after your users integrate new 100 documents and delete another 10 documents that had been integrated in January.

Yooz will charge 90 documents on January and 100 documents on February (without taking into account your deletions outside the integration period).

Conversely, Yooz provides you with real-time KPIs. These KPIs indicate in real time the activity of your tool. In our example above, the statistics for January would show 80 documents and this data may still change if you still delete documents integrated in January.

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