You have just subscribed to Yooz and we warmly thank you for your trust. Your subscription to Yooz includes corrective maintenance of software bugs, consideration of technical requests as well as evolutionary maintenance.

You will notice that functional evolutions regularly come to supplement our solution in order to offer you an ever more innovative and efficient tool.

During your use of the application, you will likely need Yooz Customer Support.

The following elements aim to improve the processing of your technical requests. We kindly ask you to read it and wish you a great start with Yooz!

Submit a request to Customer Support

What information is needed?

To allow us to provide answers to your questions as quickly as possible, be sure to provide us with as much information as possible for each of your requests:

  • What is the nature of the problem encountered?

  • What functionality is affected?

  • What company / folder are you having the problem with?

  • Who is the affected user? (Login)

  • How often does the incident occur?

  • Are all users affected by this problem?

  • Is the dysfunction reproducible or non-reproducible?

  • What is the level of discomfort caused: blocking, non-blocking?

  • Describe the incident: its symptoms (provide us with screenshots of the observed phenomena), the reproduction scenario, the consequences of the malfunction (provide us with screenshots of the history and the elements necessary to reproduce the case ).

How to submit a request?

The processing of your request requires the opening of a support ticket that will allow its follow-up from its report until its resolution.

You can open this ticket by making your request:

For any further information regarding an ongoing request, we thank you to:

  • add your comments on the existing ticket on the chat,

  • to include the ticket number in any communication by email.

How to solve the most Frequent Asked Questions

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