You receive invoices in multiple ways and you do not want to multiply the capture solutions for each channel. 

Yooz monitors and anticipates these changes to allow you to integrate your suppliers' invoices automatically.

Using our omnichannel capture approach, we can integrate invoices: sent by email, photo taken with your mobile, scanned with a multifunction copier, or with an office scanner, or even deposited in an SFTP space.

We know that more and more "big billers" players are offering to download your invoices from your customer portal on their site. Alternatively, these large billers still send some of these same invoices by email or mail. We have selected an efficient invoice collection tool for large billers integrated into your existing Yooz application.

All of these approaches can encourage duplicates in your solution. Yooz systematically checks for the presence of duplicates on several levels in your solution.

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