YoozBox is a Cloud-connected scanner for capturing paper documents and invoices from your main office and remote locations.

Invoices now only circulate in the form of images: no more paper to send, no more mailing or faxing, no more loss of documents...

As soon as they are scanned, the invoices appear on the Yooz portal, without any further manipulation. They are ready for processing.

YoozBox brings together 4 major benefits:

Ultra-simplified user experience

To scan with ease YoozBox has ultra-simplified ergonomics. There is no need to have a computer connected to the scanner. YoozBox works autonomously. You insert the documents and press the "Send" button. The display tells you how many pages you have scanned. Then, YoozBox automatically transfers the images of the scanned documents to your Yooz folder.

3 steps and less than 5 minutes are required to install your YoozBox and connect it to Yooz

  • Plug the scanner into a power source

  • Connect to the Internet (cable or wifi)

  • Pair between YoozBox and ServiceBox

At this stage, YoozBox is automatically configured to generate files in an optimal format for Yooz.

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